Gibson Shield Smell

Shield Smell


Shield Smell replicates the new car smell, rejuvenating the interior of your car with the intoxicating scent that was present the first time it left the showroom.

To achieve an authentic, lasting scent, Shield Smell has been developed to work on two levels. The first is as a non-staining formula that can be sprayed directly onto seats, upholstery, mats and carpets, to penetrate fabrics so that the scent is released back into the air gradually. The second is as a powerful odour eliminator that removes lingering aromas trapped in the fabric of your car. Combined, the two produce a long-lasting neutral scent that leaves your car feeling like new.

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Gibson Shield New Car Smell

New Car Smell

Spray directly on to all interior fabrics for a new car smell effect.

Gibson Shield Long-lasting Effect

Long-term Effect

Odour-eliminating, slow-release properties keep interior smelling fresher for longer.

What’s Included

1× Shield Smell 50ml

How To Apply

Spray away from surfaces 40‑50cm and keep away from your face while spraying.

Do not spray on plastic parts.

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