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Shield Materials


Shied Materials brings Gibson Shield’s advanced nanotechnology to the interior of your car to protect fabrics against stains and liquid damage.

When applied directly to car seats, carpets, mats, upholstery and convertible tops, the nano-coating works to form an impenetrable layer that repels all chemicals and contaminants. Unlike traditional, water-repellent coatings, Shield Materials uses nanoparticles that attach to individual fibres in the fabric. This provides a deeper penetration for enhanced durability, while still allowing materials to breathe so that stale air is released. The result is a car interior that stays cleaner and looks better for longer.

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Gibson Shield Stain Free

Stain & Chemical Resistant

Nano coating provides a protective layer that safeguards all fabrics against stains from water, mud, dirt, bacteria, stains and sweat.

Gibson Shield Highly Hydrophobic

Highly Hydrophobic

Advanced water repellency stops spillages and moisture from penetrating and damaging fabrics.

Gibson Shield Easy Clean

Easy Cleaning

Liquids and chemicals are unable to bond with textiles, allowing them to be easily wiped away.

Gibson Shield Long-lasting Effect

Long-lasting Protection

One application of Shield Materials revives dull interiors and protects fabrics for 6 months.

What’s Included

1× Shield Materials 500ml

How To Apply

1. It is highly recommended to make a spot test on a hidden part of your fabric prior to application, to check that your fabric will not change in terms of colour and softness.

2. The surface should be absolutely clean and dry, or the product will not work otherwise.

3. Ventilate the application area well. Spray on the surface till slightly wet. If the surface does not absorb the product, it should be spread with a cloth lightly.

4. The drying and curing period for this product it is 24h.

Consumption is 80-100ml/m²

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