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Shield Glass


Shield Glass uses advanced nanotechnology to treat your car windows and mirrors for a clearer, safer driving experience.

Car windscreens, windows and mirrors are susceptible to airborne and waterborne pollution from exhaust fumes, road spray and other debris that cling to residue on the glass, making it difficult to clean and keep clean. We developed this product to safeguard glass against the elements and the rigours of the road. Using the same properties found in our market-leading Shield F1 Ultimate ceramic coating, Shield Glass can be applied easily to all auto glass and mirrors.

Upon application, the nanoparticles in the product work to bond with glass to form a thin, hardened layer that repels water and prevents contaminants from adhering to the surface. The result is long-lasting protection for up to 80,000 windscreen wipes.

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Gibson Shield Highly Hydrophobic

Highly Hydrophobic

Advanced water repellency causes water to bead on glass and slide away, protecting against damage from chemicals and contaminants.

Gibson Shield Improved Visibility

Improved Visibility

Nano coating prevents rain, mud, dirt, grime and bird droppings from bonding with glass, keeping vision clear and lessening the reliance on wiper blades.

Gibson Shield Easy Clean

Easy Cleaning

Mud, grime and bird droppings are unable to bond with paintwork, decreasing the need for regular washing and making cleaning a simple task.

Gibson Shield Long-lasting Effect

Long-lasting Protection

Shield Glass cannot be washed away by water or regular cleaning products, improving driving quality and the appearance of your car for 2 years, 45,000km or 80,000 windscreen wipes.

What’s Included

1× Shield Glass 50ml

1× Cotton cloth

1× Pair of nitrile gloves

How To Apply

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