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Shield F1 uses advanced nanotechnology to provide premium protection for your car, improving its look and safeguarding paintwork against the elements.

Shield F1 is developed to meet the standards of the racing industry and tested by us on Gibson Motorsport cars. Upon application, the ceramic coating forms a hardened clear layer that’s resistant to chemicals, withstands extreme changes in temperature and does not break down under repeated washing.

This is a ceramic coating for enthusiasts and professionals alike, designed to be applied easily and only re-applied once every three years.

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Gibson Shield Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection

9H hardened ceramic layer protects paintwork against surface scrapes and scratches.

Gibson Shield UV Protection

UV Protection

Ceramic coating deflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays to reduce oxidation and prevent dull, faded paintwork.

Gibson Shield Highly Hydrophobic

Highly Hydrophobic

Advanced water repellency causes water to bead on the surface and slide away, protecting against damage from chemicals and contaminants.

Gibson Shield Easy Clean

Easy Cleaning

Mud, grime and bird droppings are unable to bond with paintwork, decreasing the need for regular washing and making cleaning a simple task.

Gibson Shield Crystal Glaze

Crystal Glaze

Nanoparticles penetrate paintwork, enhancing reflective properties to add depth and clarity to the finish.

Gibson Shield Long-lasting Effect

Long-Lasting Performance

A single application of Shield F1 protects your car for 3 years, preserving the appearance and value of your asset.

What’s Included

1× Shield F1 50ml

3× Application pads

1× Red microfiber cloth

1× Black microfiber cloth

1× Pair of nitrile gloves

Application manual

How To Apply

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