Gibson Shield Clean

Shield Clean


Shield Clean is a premium cleaning product developed to prepare your car for Gibson Shield ceramic coatings.

Shield Clean can be sprayed directly onto hard surfaces and wiped down easily with a microfibre cloth to remove residue, leaving paintwork and glass primed for ceramic coating. Using this product helps to ensure a strong chemical bond between the surface of your car and Shield F1 Ultimate, Shield F1 and Shield F2. It can also be used as a standalone cleaning product after the application of ceramic coatings to maintain the pristine look of your car.

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Simple Application

Requires no specialist training to apply. Spray on and wipe down with the included microfibre cloth.

Perfect Preparation

Ensures the surface of your car is ideally primed for the application of Gibson Shield nano-ceramic coatings.

Multiple Surface Cleaning

Can be applied to all hard surfaces, including paintwork, glass mirrors and wheel trims.

What’s Included

1× Shield F1 Clean 500ml

How To Apply

Use Shield Clean before application of our nanocoatings — F1 Ultimate, F1 and F2. Spray on hard surfaces and wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

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