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1 x Shield F1 Ultimate

Shield F1 Ultimate sits at the top of the Gibson Shield product range, tested by racing industry professionals and used on Gibson Motorsport cars for its best-in-class protection. This market-leading ceramic coating uses advanced nanotechnology to provide a clear shield against the elements, enhancing the look and extending the life of your car. The chemical makeup of Shield F1 Ultimate allows it to bond with paintwork for a semi-permanent hardened layer that can not be washed away, does not break down and does not require regular re-application. This is more than a ceramic coating... It’s an investment in the future of your car.

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1 x Shield Glass

Shield Glass uses advanced nanotechnology to treat your car windows and mirrors for a clearer, safer driving experience. Car windscreens, windows and mirrors are susceptible to airborne and waterborne pollution from exhaust fumes, road spray and other debris that cling to residue on the glass, making it difficult to clean and keep clean. We developed this product to safeguard glass against the elements and the rigours of the road. Using the same properties found in our market-leading Shield F1 Ultimate ceramic coating, Shield Glass can be applied easily to all auto glass and mirrors. Upon application, the nanoparticles in the product work to bond with glass to form a thin, hardened layer that repels water and prevents contaminants from adhering to the surface. The result is long-lasting protection for up to 80,000 windscreen wipes.

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Gibson Shield Materials

1 x Shield Materials

Shied Materials brings Gibson Shield’s advanced nanotechnology to the interior of your car to protect fabrics against stains and liquid damage. When applied directly to car seats, carpets, mats, upholstery and convertible tops, the nano-coating works to form an impenetrable layer that repels all chemicals and contaminants. Unlike traditional, water-repellent coatings, Shield Materials uses nanoparticles that attach to individual fibres in the fabric. This provides a deeper penetration for enhanced durability, while still allowing materials to breathe so that stale air is released. The result is a car interior that stays cleaner and looks better for longer.

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Gibson Shield Clean

1 x Shield Clean

Shield Clean is a premium cleaning product developed to prepare your car for Gibson Shield ceramic coatings. Shield Clean can be sprayed directly onto hard surfaces and wiped down easily with a microfibre cloth to remove residue, leaving paintwork and glass primed for ceramic coating. Using this product helps to ensure a strong chemical bond between the surface of your car and Shield F1 Ultimate, Shield F1 and Shield F2. It can also be used as a standalone cleaning product after the application of ceramic coatings to maintain the pristine look of your car.

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Gibson Shield Smell

1 x Shield Smell

Shield Smell replicates the new car smell, rejuvenating the interior of your car with the intoxicating scent that was present the first time it left the showroom. To achieve an authentic, lasting scent, Shield Smell has been developed to work on two levels. The first is as a non-staining formula that can be sprayed directly onto seats, upholstery, mats and carpets, to penetrate fabrics so that the scent is released back into the air gradually. The second is as a powerful odour eliminator that removes lingering aromas trapped in the fabric of your car. Combined, the two produce a long-lasting neutral scent that leaves your car feeling like new.

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