Bentley Bentayga


The pearlescent Kingfisher Blue Bentley Bentayga at two years old arrived at our workshop having being washed weekly by hand, polished and waxed every month with leading brand name products.

Even with the owners due diligence, out of the daylight, the usual swirl marks, holograms and light scratches appeared, probably caused by general washing, drying and polishing.



Car Preparation


Product Application



Bentley Bentayga


The owner requested us to return the vehicle to a showroom condition and assist in maintaining this finish against the rigours of usage on the road. As with all light colour vehicles, scratches and other defects are harder to identify, so it was decided at the outset to decontaminate the car's surfaces with a three-stage polish, followed by a surface preparation using Shield Clean.

Shield F1 Ultimate was applied to the paintwork to enhance the depth of finish and create a protective layer against scratches, chemicals and contaminants. Shield Materials was used on the interior as a long-term repellent against water and dust, without compromising the breathability of the leather and fabrics. Shield F2 was applied to the calipers and wheels to stop the contamination caused by the brake dust. To add a new car feel, Shield Smell was sprayed on the carpets.

Client's Testimonial

"It’s better than I could have imagined, just perfect. Their recommendations for washing the vehicle now saves me time and effort. Power wash, snow foam, power wash and dry off and it's done. Amazing!"

— Car Owner, UK —