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Everyone has a passion — something that pulls you in, consumes your thoughts and makes you come alive. For Paul Gibson, that passion has always been cars.

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Premium Protection For Your Car

Racing Industry Standard
Ceramic Coatings

Gibson Shield uses advanced nanotechnology to improve the look and extend the life of your car.

We’re racing drivers, engineers and car enthusiasts. We know the importance of protection and presentation. We also know how painstaking and costly detailing can be and the frustration of a product not meeting expectation. Gibson Shield was born out of this frustration. Other ceramic coatings weren’t up to our standards, so we created our own.

Gibson Shield is the culmination of years of research, development and testing on Gibson Motorsport cars. The end result is a range of car care products that perform better for longer, delivering unparalleled protection against the elements and a level of finish your car deserves, inside and out.

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Gibson Shield Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection

Hardened ceramic layer defends paintwork against scratches and scrapes.

Gibson Shield UV Protection

UV Protection

Ceramic film defends against the sun’s ultraviolet rays to prevent dull, faded paint.

Gibson Shield Highly Hydrophobic

Highly Hydrophobic

Advanced repellency causes water to bead on the surface to protect paint from contaminants.

Gibson Shield Easy Clean

Easy Clean

Mud, grime and bird droppings are unable to bond with paintwork, making it easier to clean.

Gibson Shield Improved Visibility

Improved Visibility

Dirt, debris and oily smudges are repelled from the windscreen for clearer, safer driving.

Gibson Shield Crystal Glaze

Crystal Glaze

Nanoparticles penetrate the paint to add depth and clarity to the finish.